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Party and OMGWEIRD

Ok, so I went to a family thing tonight, my aunt and uncle's 40th wedding anniversary. We had a surprise party, it was nice.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with my older cousins, and I GOT ALCOHOL! Wooo! I had Jim Beam and 7up. I wanted a 7&7 but they didn't have any segrems(sp?). I ended up having two glasses, and I must be buzzed, because I was pretty honest with my mom tonight. Heh. She's cool with letting me have alcohol.

So the day was ok, woke up, did some stuff. Showered, watched Cool Runnings. We then went to a Hallmark that was having a going-out-of business sale. We bought an anniversary gift for my aunt & uncle. Then we went to the libray where I picked up the book 'Prep.' We left from there and went to Barnes & Noble where I bought The Davinci Code and put in an application for starbucks. They were hella-busy, I hope they call. :)

Then my mom wanted to look in Macy's so she did and I read. We stopped at the store and then Max & Erma's(for a gift card) and then a gas station. We finally got to the party early. It was an ok time. I got some booze and hung out with my cousins.













I have a crush on my cousin! Ew it's so icky, and he's way older than me, but he's just really nice and I dunno, it's weird. I'm creeped out EXTREMELY, but like I always want his attention and stuff... weird. And gross.

AND OMG! So my one cousin, with the crush, lets call him N and my other cousin B, they hang out a lot. A LOT.(Needless to say my slashy brain went there and felt violated by it's own thoughts.) So tonight N made a gay joke about the two of them and how B lets him be on top and OMG MY BRAIN!

My family is so ...odd. My family is odd in the weirdest ways.

Okay, that was all the creepy.

I got to hang out with my other cousins and it was nice getting to talk to people near my own age.

My (other)Aunt made me angry/sad/cry at the party. She asked me what I was up to, and I mentioned how I'm going back to school and getting a job and she went off on how she is different than my mom and if it were her (she essentially said) she would have kicked me out. She didn't say it exactly like that, but combined with my over sesitiveness and her being ...her. Things went crappily. I didn't take it personally, she was just being herself. Hey, I'm nto the one who's been married 5 times.

And you know what!? She has NO relationship with one of her kids, they don't even speak. She's basically deteriorated her relationships with her step sons, and one of her own sons doesn't talk to her but for a few times a year.

i MEAN jeez, She is so not one to talk. I almost went off on her but I bottled it up and went upstairs(out of the furnished basement) to have some quiet me time where I almost/kind of cried in the bathroom.

My mom even said, she would rather have a relationship with me than push me out of the house the day I turned 18.

Anywho, sorry to rant. So I had cake and felt sick, am buzzed and I have a headache, but all in all it was an ok night, barring the creepy cousin crush and crappy aunt issues. The alcolhol tips the scale a bit.

Woo! I had alcohol! :D I get to use my 'drunk' mood theme even! :)

Anyway, thanks! :)
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