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List of my fics

Here is the big list of all my fics.

List of my fics:
(From earliest to latest)

1.) Slayer - (Gen Buffy) Summary: A slayer and watcher. The dynamic, the changes, the history, evolution. The slayer line. Short. Drabble-ish. One-Shot.

2.) You Do What You Have To - (Gen Angel) Summary: Home. Angel’s P.O.V. SongFic.

3.) Terror - (Gen Buffy) Drabble, no summary.

4.) Effrayé de Moi - (Gen Angel) Summary: Angelus fears one thing. His conversation with the Beastmaster aka Evil!Cordy during ‘Release’ One-Shot.

5.) Crying - (Slash Buffy) Summary: Sometimes Xander cries. Notes: My first real slash story.

6.) Punching - (Slash Buffy) Summary: Sometimes Spike gets punched. Sequel to 'Crying'

7.) Hallmark Sucks - (Slash Buffy) No Summary. Set in my New York!New York! verse.

8.) Ghosting Hands - (Slash Buffy) Summary: Xander likes Spike’s hands. (NY!NY!verse)

9.) A Vampire Valentine - (Slash Buffy) Notes: Drabble! Vamp!Xander.

10.) Letting Go - (Gen/minor slash Angel) Summary: Angel’s thoughts. Post Destiny.

11.) 100 years - (minor slash Angel) Summary: 100 years and following in footsteps.

12.) Beginnings - (slash Buffy) Summary: Summary: Mini Challenge written for thestacks. Challenge: Use the word 'Beginnings' or 'beginning'.

13.) Hidden Miscellanea - (slash Buffy) Summary: Xander and Spike kiss. Notes: My first ever piece of smut.

14.) And Baby Makes...Four?! - (slash Buffy/Angel) Summary: After the BtVS episode "The Gift" Buffy remains dead. Dawn is dragged to live with her father in L. A. Spike, Xander, and Angel are living in the Hyperion fighting demons, earning redemption, and having sex. Oh, and some of that love stuff enters into the mix. Everything's great, well except for that thing... Notes: Abandoned WIP

15.) Learning to Dance - (slash Buffy) Summary: Cole Porter ficathon entry; Xander and Spike dance.

16.) Cave In - (Gen Buffy) Summary: Friendship Ficathon. Willow and Spike are stuck in Spike’s crypt.

17.) Getting Turned Around - (slash Buffy) Summary: Xander’s parents decide it’s time he started acting a bit more normal. Notes: Abandoned WIP

18.) 40 Lashes - (slash Buffy) Summary: Impromptu smut.

19.) Optimistic Territories - (slash Angel) Summary: Spike/Gunn smut during Angel S5 'Life of the Party.'

20.) Emo at the Prom - (slash Buffy) Summary: Xander and Oz at the prom. Written for entrenous88’s emo boys kissing meme.

21.) White Roses - (gen Buffy) Summary: Xander remembers the white roses.

22.) Stray Strangers - (slash Buffy/Angel) Summary: Human AU, written for my EmC ficathon.

23.) HP old fic - (gen Harry Potter) Two small old ficlets found floating on my hard drive.

24.) Letter - (slash That 70's Show) Summary: Eric writes his parents a letter.

25.) Next Time - (slash Harry Potter) Summary: Harry hits the showers after a hot day of practice.

26.) Halfway - (slash Firefly/Serenity) Sumary: Song fic, Simon & Jayne post Serenity.

27.) Xandrew!verse - (slash Buffy) Summary: A series of drabbles about Xander/Andrew. WIP!

28.) Whisper - (slash Buffy) Summary: After ‘Sacrifice.’ Post apocalyptic struggles. WIP!

29.) Imagine - (slash Firefly/Serenity) Summary: Song fic, AUish, Simon likes to imagine.

30.) Impala - (Gen Supernatural) Summary: Seven ficlets about the Winchesters and the Impala.

31.) Three - (Gen Harry Potter) Summary: Thirteen coffins, thirteen gravestones, thirteen bodies. Harry only remembered three.

32.) Sinners & Saints series - (Slash Supernatural) Summary: Vampires mate for life.

33.) What You See - (Gen Sam/Jess Supernatural) Summary: "When you open your eyes you see a white ceiling..."

34.) Fly - (Gen, het Supernatural) No Summary, but Mary's P.O.V. post In The Beginning.

Thanks! :)
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