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Xandrew!verse drabbles

Hey, check the icon. :D Just two drabbles today. I still need to re-edit some. :)

Title: Xandrew!verse
Author: emella
E-mail: kevy_s__girl [AT]
Rating:(All are G to PG-13 so far)
Pairing: Xander/Andrew (pre-slash so far)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing but part of the plot.
Notes: All of these drabbles are exactly 100 words, minus the titles. Thanks for reading, and remember feedback = love.

Previous drabbles in the series are here.


He hadn’t said anything to anyone about what had happened. He hadn’t written, hadn’t called, he couldn’t, his body was too broken. No one knew what had happened to him and Xander wondered how long it would be before someone thought to come and look for him.

Xander’s arms felt heavy and his ribs were aching with each breath. The tube down his throat was uncomfortable and he hoped it would come out soon. The hospital wasn’t that bad, Cape Town was fairly modern. Though the village where he’d been found was remote and he was lucky to be alive.


On his tenth day in the hospital Xander awoke to someone entering his room. His eye was still slightly swollen, but he could see well enough; Andrew was standing in his doorway looking haggard, weary, and shocked.

Andrew dropped his bag and rushed to Xander’s side. He stared down at Xander, frown creasing his brow and eyes wide. He gently touched Xander’s broken hand, warming Xander’s insides immediately. Andrew curled his hand around Xander’s and tears came to Andrew’s blue eyes.

Xander tried to smile, but it merely caused his only visitor to slump into a nearby chair and cry.


Thanks! :)
Tags: buffy, drabble, fic, slash fic, xandrew

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