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Productivity and Dreams

I was actually somewhat productive today. Got up, cleaned the hampster cage. Scotch is now happy with her purtifull habitat.

Then mom and I went to Media Play and I got some CD's: Green Day and Aimee Mann. I also got the third book in the Sister hood of the Traveling Pants series.

Then we went to Bob Evans where I dined on Fish and Chips. It was so cute, they had it in a bowl with fake London newsprint, I so wanted to bring it home and scan it to use as an icon or wallpaper or something.

We then proceeded to Wal-Mart to make with the Christmas returns. I got some new perfume and the Gavin Degraw CD, TONS of flip-flops; for college and Spring. Got two new pairs of kicks too.

So all in all, a fun night.

I also had THE weirdest dream last night. It was like I was on the island with the cast of LOST and the villain was Ethan Rayne from Buffy, but he had no arm and never talked. It was odd. So halfway through it morphs and I'm going to go buy a car. Some little cute thing. So I fill out some paperwork and my mom gives me a check for $12,000. I go to this place where there is a window, like at the DMV or something. I gave them the paperwork, my money, and showed them my driver's license, and then they had me wait in a line to pick out my car. Like they were all the same, had all the same features and they were all just different colors. Oh! And for some odd reason, at the back of the building there was a casino and my mom was there. So I picked out this sparkly (like actually glittery) blue car. Then I woke up. It doesn't all make sense because I can't remember every detail, but it was weird.

I think I am like the weirdest dreamer ever.

Anyway, I'm off to think about nonsense and read stories. :D

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