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Supernatural - Castiel fresco

December 2010

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Harry Potter - Ron King

Icon & Meme

I'm SO proud of this icon, I LOVE it!

Also, I wanna do the five things meme after kita0610.

Ask me five questions, any questions.

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That icon RAWKS!!!

Hmmm....What is your middle name? (I'll start easy...since I have no middle name I am always curious about other's who possibly due...weird I know. ;) )
Hee! Thanks!

My middle name is Renee, So I'm Emily Renee. :D

Aww no middle name :( I could give you an honorary middle name! I could call you Melisa Henrietta! I like it. :P

:D ;)
Thank you!

1.) Nope
2.) Nope ;)
3.) I probably won't write any house fic, I'm not sure how I know that, but due to my lack of medical knowledge it's like trying to climb a mountain, and I'd rather not take that on...
4.) Stranges? Hmm, Calamari? Or maybe Grass.
5.) My friends like YOU! *hugs you*

Hee! Thanks babe. :D
Sorry I'm just getting back to you on this. I meant My friends; Like YOU!

I have no RL friends, well not really. My mom knows about you and likes you though! You tell your friends about me? *blush*
Oh, don't remind me of the age thing, it creeps me out sometimes. :P That's not really a bad thing, just a weird-ish thing.

Thats cool about your RL friends, My friend Tyler has seen my LJ and he used to check it out once in a while. *shrug*
Well it does! Kind of...
*pets* It's gorgeous!
Hee, Thanks! It's totally snaggable too. :)

*is me under my graphics journal name*

*licks the pretty*

Two names for a boy and two names for a girl that you would consider naming future progeny?

Re: *licks the pretty*

LOL! Eww! Saliva! Thanks though. :P

For girls, I LOVE the name Emmaline, becuase of my name and my grandma's name is Angeline, but I wouldn't ever name a kid after me. When I was little I always liked the name Vanessa, but my official answers:


Boys: Too many to think of, Hmm.

Lol, These really aren't definite tho. :)

Re: *licks the pretty*

I love the name Emmaline, obviously. LOL

I like the names you picked. Sarah was on my list of girl's names too. I like Jacob a lot too.

Re: *licks the pretty*

Yeah, I thought you would like that one. :D

Sarah is so easy and nice and classic. Jacob has always been one I like but I ahve a baby cousin names Jakob, so I dunno, but you never know. :)

Re: *licks the pretty*

Sarah Jean is pretty. My mom is in to genealogy too, she's back to like the 1400's in some cases. :)

Re: *licks the pretty*

Yeah, on she had a bit of a cheat sheet, my grandma on my dad's side has a family tree going back until like 1430. In other areas she's back to 16 something.

Well good luck finding everything out. :)